Writer Adam King came over last night to pick up a CD for review‚ and ended up staying for some wine and music talk. And to make us laugh. He always‚ always makes us laugh. But more importantly‚ he turns us on to good stuff. Like:
The Black Cab Sesssions. Videos of musicians performing in the back of classic London black cabs. So simple. So brilliant. Here's My Morning Jacket doing "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt. 2." And there are more‚ including Bon Iver‚ Man Man‚ Cold War Kids‚ and Death Cab For Cutie.
Speaking of Death Cab For Cutie‚ Adam talked about how he's been won over and how great their Sunday set at Bonnaroo was. Said he saw the video below and it was so killer that he knew he had to dig deeper. He now owns all their albums. I agree: this video gets me going.
And‚ lastly‚ we talked about Coldplay for a while. We didn't come to a grand conclusion. Basically‚ they're not super great and they're not super not-great. But Adam showed us‚ people who haven't had TV since 2004‚ this video. It melds into a live show? Pretty cool. Thanks‚ Adam‚ for catching us up on 2005.