On our recent trip to San Francisco‚ we State of Mind editors masturbated went shopping for music at Amoeba Records on Haight St. It's amazing to see so much music -- real‚ tangible‚ hold-in-your-hand music -- in one place. Their inventory is incredible. Add in the posters on the wall‚ the pleasant and knowledgeable staff and the vibe‚ and you've got yourself a music lover's dream. Ahhh.
And we're pleased to announce that starting with our next issue‚ you will be able to pick up State of Mind for free at the San Francisco‚ Berkley and Hollywood Amoebas. We feel right at home.
Here's a great clip from What's in My Bag at Amoeba.com of the Howlin Rain guys telling about the goods they picked up after their in-store. Check that out and then head on over to our interview with Ethan Miller. And see below for some pics of us in our glory at Amoeba. Mmm. Did you know that it used to be a bowling alley? Look... it was.