A series of things in this video from summer 2006 unleash so many emotions: The lo-fi audience recording certainly adds to the appeal. The way it pans to the amphitheater big screen a couple times is wonderful. And seeing two masters from my two favorite American bands (umm… or two favorite bands -- that's more accurate) playing together, conjures up a lot of feelings and memories from a deep place.
But, I think what grabs me the most is how it captures the musicians, naturally, in the moment. Look at the way Joan is dancing. Check out the grin on Rob Barraco's face while he's comping out on the keys. Trey is in his spot, looking towards the back row of the venue and not holding anything back. While it's flowing out of him, Phil gives a nod to drummer John Molo to keep it going. Then Trey digs deeper, and Phil does that head shake -- the kind that comes when it's so good, you just have to ride it out. The big smile on Phil's face after that is a smile you can tell only comes from a brotherhood in music.

And then, the runner-up:

No way.