Maria Taylor‚ who shared the recipe for "Maria Taylor's Famous Cabbage Soup" in the Aug/Sep 07 issue of State of Mind‚ has had a turn of bad luck: while on tour, in San Francisco‚ her van was broken into and her and her band's gear was stolen.
Why oh why does this happen to musicians?!?! It breaks our hearts. The good news is‚ more than a few times we've heard about at least some of the goods making their way back to their rightful owners. Here's hoping the same goes for Maria's gear. Here's a list of it‚ stolen in San Francisco‚ and here's where to contact in case you help track some of it down -- -- perhaps in a pawn shop‚ on eBay or‚ you know‚ no questions asked. Ahem. Not like we're accusing you; it's just that crowd you run with...
Left-handed RED Gretsch Tennessee Rose Guitar
Left-handed Martin Acoustic Guitar
Left-handed WHITE American Fender Precision bass (w/ green pick guard)
Right-handed PURPLE Fender Jazz Bass guitar
Right-handed 1976 BLACK Les Paul Deluxe
Right-handed Alvarez acoustic guitar (Hand painted white w/ black swirls. Guitar strap is nailed on)
Boss Tuner Pedal
Boss distortion Pedal
And when you're done there, Nancy Drew, check out Maria's site. She has a new EP out.