But with all of that said‚ nothing really hit me harder than Nathan Moore. During his set on Sunday at the Shady Grove Stage‚ he looked broken and his voice was just about shot‚ but it didn't matter. A few lines into "The Real World" and the feelings just came pouring out as he sang: "Just outside the night unfolds/You could not ask for more/It's easy to be‚ as you can see‚ where you never been before/Welcome to the real world/ Where you and I were born/ Where even when you're sleeping‚ you're dreamin'." But it was "Gotta Make It" that I felt the tears. "Help Wanted" just took it further. And then he closed with a song he had written the night (morning) before called "High Sierra Heartbreak." It felt perfect -- the embodiment of the spirit‚ the love‚ the highs and the lows‚ and the bizarre and unusual. Did anyone see that penguin?
The only way you could really ever explain it is by living it‚ being there‚ seeing it and smelling the air. I think about all the people who said to me for years and years that I have to come to High Sierra‚ and the most appropriate thing left to say is: Yes‚ they're right. Come and see for yourself.