Hmm... I like this letter better than the last letter he wrote.
Given the volume of speculation and rumors that have bubbled up recently‚ I have been asked to make a statement... Here goes.
For me‚ the last four years have been great. I've spent quality time with my family and have watched my daughter grow. I took great pleasure and pride in writing and recording an album. I'm living a healthy lifestyle. I travel as little as possible and I sleep in my own bed. It took a couple of years after the break up to begin talking to my old band mates‚ but once the conversations began to flow it wasn't long before the friendships were rekindled. And I can honestly say that I'm closer with all of them now then I've ever been in our 20-year relationship.
Recently the conversations have turned toward the possibility of spending some time together. Currently many of us have plans and projects already in the works‚ most notably Mike‚ who made a great album and is about to hit the road in support of it. Given that I might not even see some of the guys for the next six months‚ I would say that the announcement of a reunion is premature. However‚ later this year we hope to spend some time together and take a look at what possible futures we might enjoy. In fact the only real decision that has been made is that when we do get together‚ it will only be the four of us‚ hopefully with no distractions. I am really looking forward to that.
I want to say just a few more things. The prospect of Phish reuniting is something I consider very seriously‚ and I think about it a lot. And lastly‚ as always‚ there is plenty of misinformation floating around. Try not to focus too much on secondhand sources and random gossip. If there is anything real to announce‚ it will come from the four of us as a group.
Until then‚