This is great stuff: Phil and a few of his Friends -- Larry Campbell‚ Teresa Williams and Jackie Greene -- played an acoustic set on Sunday at Bonnaroo.
Word is he played a longer set than was scheduled in order to make up for having to end his late-night Saturday set early because Kanye West didn't want anyone playing while he was on.
Can you imagine being the person who has to tell Phil Lesh he has to stop playing? "Ummm... Mr. Lesh... I know that this festival wouldn't even exist if not for you‚ but [voice cracks like a teenage boy awkwardly stumbling through puberty] ummm... Kanye West... you know... he... ummm..... he has asked that you not play while he is performing. He's a really big... Bonnaroo paid a lot... He's very... I mean... He's‚ like‚ umm.... so... OK?"
Listening to Jackie beautifully sing "Brokedown Palace" with Larry on violin and the crowd singing along‚ that boggles my mind. I wonder‚ will people be singing Kanye's songs 40 years from now? Maybe it's good he's taking the stage while he can. By all means‚ Phil‚ step aside.
Anyway‚ this is a great little set. Because‚ as Phil says‚"All these great old tunes‚ they sound so good acoustic."
And here's a video of the closing tune‚ "Dire Wolf":