MB: It sounds like things are going very well for you.
NC: Well‚ I'd have to agree. I'm very lucky.
MB: I looked at your tour schedule for Wilco; looks like you're gonna be out for quite a while‚ but I hope that when you get home you have some time to go out with the Singers and maybe do a little tour on Draw Breath or at least play some shows‚ because I think it'd be great for people to have an opportunity to hear the music.
NC: Yeah‚ we're gonna try to do it in the fall I guess. Because the time I was hoping to do it was when Wilco takes a break this summer‚ but Scott Amendola has a vacation with his family. I've elected then to just go to New York and play with Jenny Scheinman‚ the violinist in the Scott Amendola Band. She has her own great music‚ and I'll get some great gigs in that way and then go back out with Wilco.
MB: Sounds like you're constantly busy. Like you said‚ the only way you'd be able to go out more would be to clone yourself.
NC: It's pretty much true. It's like I said‚ I'm a just a lucky dude.