That would be a hot band.
It would kill. [laughter]
That's cool to hear you like Jason's playing.
He came to my house in Hawaii and we did hours of jamming together. And‚ you know‚ it's drumming. But at the same time‚ every time you play drums it's a completely different painting.
You know‚ all I every wanted to do with my life is to play the drums since I was real young. I don't know what that means‚ but I still like it.
Well‚ thanks for talking with me. I'll see you in a few weeks.
You haven't asked me the question yet.
What question is that?
What state of mind am I in?
[laughs] Lay it on me. What state of mind are you in?
I'm happy. I feel great. I'm healthier than I've ever been. And this has been like a rebirth of playing music for me.
Man‚ that's great to here‚ Bill. I think everyone will be right there with you digging it.