Saw this on Myspace from Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family. Sounds cool.
Hello Friends‚
I am involved in putting on a performance of composer Rhys Chatham's new composition for 100 guitars next week‚ Friday May 23‚ in Williamsport‚ PA. Rhys will be flying in from Paris to Conduct and the Rhythm section will be drummer Jonathan Kane and bassist Josh Abrams.
We are in need of some extra guitarists.
If anyone is interested‚ and available for the mandatory rehearsals on May 21 and 22‚ and the performance on May 23‚ please reply to:
We can try to help arrange a couch to crash on‚ or there are some discounted hotels available.
Anyways‚ if you can come join in the monster drone‚ we would love the help! get in touch‚ and I will send you the sheet music.
Otherwise‚ please pass this on to friends who you think might want to be involved.
Best and love‚
Now‚ think about the drone 100 guitars together could make. Or think about the wankfest that could take place. It's like a massive "No! I have the biggest dick" party. Or something.
Sorry‚ got carried away there. But seriously‚ I know Seth is such a creative musician that this has to be cool. Check out Rhys Chatham - the originator of the 100 Guitar Orchestra.