So do you worry about these things on a general basis?
I don't worry about it‚ but I do have an opinion. And that's a very unpopular opinion‚ because Lars came out‚ Metallica sometime ago‚ and asked people to stop doing it and they fucking crucified him.
Yeah‚ well he sounded like a tool when he said it though. [laughs]
Yeah‚ but… and partly it's not that nice to hear people that are pushing hundred-millionaires‚ or something like that‚ to say‚ "Don't take our money away‚" and it's like you pulled up in a fucking stretch hummer or something like that. But‚ you know‚ I think it has an effect all around‚ and it's just a matter of… You know‚ maybe it bums me out more‚ the issue of people just compartmentalizing‚ only collecting music to the best of their knowledge.
Yeah‚ it's sad.
To what's on their want list. There's no more‚ not a great ability for chance and chaos to help decide their record collection.
Or there's even people who are like‚ "My iPod is filled‚ so I don't need any new music‚" you know?
Yeah. And the album art‚ not having that large album art really bums me out. So‚ I don't know -- what I wish it would do is just come back to a place of trading bootlegs and live albums and out of print albums and stuff. You know that if the major labels and even some indie labels aren't willing to keep albums in print‚ which especially some of the major labels from their catalogues from the '70s and '80s and '60s or whatever. They've got a shitload of stuff‚ great stuff that if it won't sell an enormous amount of albums‚ they won't reissue. It's out of print‚ you know? Fuck‚ man‚ if you cannot get it except for 200 dollars on eBay for the vinyl version or whatever‚ then I think that it could be a great place for people to put that stuff up. I don't know why the labels don't just reissue everything like that‚ that they don't normally want to reissue‚ digitally online. I'm sure I could fix the entire music industry if they'd only let me sit at the table.
[laughs] At the helm for a second? I'm sure you could‚ too. All right‚ well‚ I don't want to get you too depressed about that.
It's not that big of a deal. It's not that depressing. I mean‚ in the end‚ I'm not gonna be one of 20‚000 that gets fired or whatever. I can still make music to put out even if I've gotta put it out myself or whatever. But if you work in the record business‚ they're the ones that are obviously worried about it. But we're coming into a great economic growth period. Things are about to get a lot better‚ so don't worry about it. Keep smiling.