It felt great going through the process of having Nathan Moore be our cover story‚ throwing some support behind his first ever solo tour‚ and then getting to see people react to his music. He started the tour in NYC‚ and from there we heard the reaction ripple through friends and messages boards about each show‚ hitting Brooklyn‚ Providence‚ Boston‚ Woodstock‚ and four shows in Vermont.

Nathan possesses that great songwriter magic: When you have a feeling‚ he has a song for it. When you have something you can't describe‚ he can put it into words. Besides the power of the songs‚ seeing Nathan play these shows was a reminder that he's a powerful performer. Each night he played the room‚ completely living and thriving off the moment.

While in town‚ Nathan came by to perform some songs‚ including a days-old "DUMBO‚" and be interviewed for the inaugural episode of Live from State of Mind. Ladies and gentlemen‚ live from State of Mind‚ it's Nathan Moore...

•Muddy River
•Train of Thoughts
•Travelin' On
•Exploding Pen
•Banter (recorded by Jonah Schulte at Parima in Burlington‚ VT‚ 4/5/08)
•Talkin' Walkin' Round Town Blues (recorded by Jonah Schulte at Parima in Burlington‚ VT‚ 4/5/08)
Hosted by Mike McKinley and Matt Bushlow
Produced by Matt Bushlow and Alison Duback
Engineered by Alison Duback
Top photo by Woods Pierce

Nathan at State of Mind