So it's four years later. How are you feeling about things?
I'm fucking worried. I'm not feeling very good about it‚ actually. I mean‚ I hope. I still have hope‚ but… it's pretty fucked up.
Yeah‚ definitely.
I mean‚ I don't understand. I personally don't understand why we're in Iraq and why we ever went there‚ and why we're still there. It's just maybe really naïve‚ but I just don't understand why in the history of human evolution that we'd still be waging war.
Yeah‚ we still haven't figured this out. [laughs]
I mean‚ I just don't get it.
Yeah‚ I don't either. My parents grew up in the whole Vietnam era. It just seems ridiculous to me that everyone knows now what a mess that was‚ and how wrong and that it doesn't work‚ and it's just like that whole history repeating itself thing that's really baffling. That you get older and more cynical.
It's done a really good job on the whole in terms of numbing people out‚ turning them into zombies‚ you know? And like people don't even know it. They don't even see it you know?
Yeah. Kind of ties into what you were saying before‚ about being isolated and being removed.
I know. It's so heavy. It's so weird. It's even so deeply embedded through media materialism that it's even in the family structures‚ too‚ you know?
Anyway‚ my goodness.
[laughs] So… what's next with the band?
Well‚ we're playing a benefit on Thursday night‚ for a photography program in Ghana‚ to help fund this program where they're teaching them photography‚ buying them cameras and stuff. I think that's really neat. And we just have a few gigs here and there. There's an Afrobeat festival kind of thing that we're doing here in San Francisco‚ and then we're going to play High Sierra Music Festival.
Awesome. I'm actually going to come out this year.
Oh‚ good!
I've never gone because I live in the Northeast. I hit a lot of the festivals around here every summer‚ and I have a friend here who goes to all the festivals‚ and she went out a couple years ago to High Sierra‚ and she was blown away about how awesome the experience was and how cool people were and how nice everyone was. She said she thought she was the shadiest person there. [laughter]
That's so funny.
I've heard from so many different‚ not only musicians but people who have gone there‚ just how wonderful the festival is.
Well‚ you should come hang out with us at our camp.
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