It is always a gift when legendary artists produce contemporary material that reminds us why they have achieved the status they have. After all‚ some legends fade into mediocrity without ever making such a reaffirming statement. Country music is a genre from which several reaffirming statements have emerged over the last few years. Adding to the contemporary material of this sort from Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton is a recent album by Loretta Lynn. This album contains some of the most passionate singing this reviewer has come across in any recent album. Loretta Lynn has written a handful of beautiful songs that she delivers with heart-felt emotion. In the rare moments that she fails to be engaging‚ the accompaniment of Jack White's guitar playing picks up the slack. What seems to be an odd collaboration between the past and "mom music" in Lynn and the present coolness and edge of White‚ is actually a pointed reminder of why the former has achieved legendary status and the later is held in high regard. This is an album that is well worth buying.