And she was
an American girl

I think Tom Petty said that.
Check this out: Grace Potter in an American flag, and nothing else. Well... and a pair of kick-ass boots. But nothing else! Unless she's wearing underwear. But nothing else!
For the latest (and‚ unfortunately‚ the last) issue of Harp -- rest in peace -- Grace shared her picks for the five best protest songs. In honor of both protest and our current cover story‚ I will defiantly add to her list.
I hereby add Nathan Moore's "Fat King of Gods" to the list. You may know this song from Surprise Me Mr. Davis' EP‚ Only In Montreal‚ where it appears as a live cut recorded by someone I just mentioned in another blog post‚ Cleantone. You can listen to another version by going to and clicking on the jukebox‚ chock-full of Nathan home recordings‚ albums cuts and songs from live shows. "Fat King" is the first song in the alphabetical list (it has a "14" at the beginning of the title).
And I also add Nathan's aptly titled "Protest Song." You can listen to it at the MySpace page of another project of Nathan's‚ ThaMuseMeant.
Protest Song
It's hard to write a protest song‚
to love your enemy‚ to know right from wrong.
It's hard to know what to say
in such strange company. Who to Jesus pray
while sending children to their graves.
He was not a soldier. No‚ Jesus saves.
Show me‚ show me- where Jesus said
the righteous should be soldiers‚ the wicked should be dead.
Oo hypocrite! You boil my blood!
Worshiping warplanes and posing for good.
Kneeling on sunday in a three piece suit.
Commanding on monday your guns to shoot.
Worse by far than any I know‚
So how do I love thee‚ how do i go?
I sing for my living. I sing for my lord.
I know a song can be a prayer. I know a song can be a sword.
So I know how hard it is to choose-
O Mr. President‚ just looking at you.
It's hard not to write a protest song.
To love your enemy. To know right from wrong.
It's hard to know what to say
in such strange company who to Jesus pray.
Ahhhh‚ protest. Sweet‚ sweet protest. Thanks‚ Grace‚ for starting this off. It was nice to collaborate with you.
And Grace will be her own resolve
and she will dance at every chance aloft
Nathan Moore said that.