Sleepy Sun is a kick in the crotch. The San Francisco rock group burst onto the scene a few years ago on the heels of their album Fever‚ a gritty blues/psychedelic/folk masterpiece. With the release of Spine Hits in 2012‚ the ensemble dropped their female co-vocalist and focused solely on the arena-filling pipes of Bret Constantino‚ a singer who evokes Kurt Cobain in the studio and Freddie Mercury onstage. In the midst of Spine Hits is "Creature‚" a track that immediately turns your head‚ leaving you staring at the stereo‚ wondering just exactly what the fuck was that? It almost sounds like two different songs mashed together. But‚ like peanut butter and jelly‚ the odd pairing (especially in tempo and style) fit together perfectly in method. This band is rapidly spilling across the globe‚ coating society with a molasses-thick sound that can neither be pigeonholed nor contained.
Check out my interview with Bret from last year.
Sleepy Sun Spine Hits Creatures