I guess it was a bit controversial for fans of Marco Benevento to hear a vocalist (Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket) on the opening two tracks of TigerFace. If you've grown accustomed to immersing yourself into a Marco record and setting off on the great imaginational drift‚ I can see how this might initially feel jarring. In other words‚ Marco's music is lyrical and melodic enough to not have a vocalist. That's his deal‚ right? I can see the point of some people's dismay‚ but I go the other way. After listening to Marco and Kalmia collaborate on "Limbs of a Pine" and "This is How it Goes‚" I thought they should have just made an entire record together. Their chemistry feels natural -- they complement each other's weird and playful eccentricities so well. Who knew? Perhaps having Kalmia on the first two tracks of TigerFace is a great jumping off point to get more people to go as deep as they should with a Marco record. Here's "Limbs of a Pine" -- a song mostly about getting loaded with your friends. When Kalmia launches into that shouting cadence part‚ she sounds like the Lieutenant of the Fun Army -- what a great moment forever captured on a record.

Marco Benevento TigerFace