Is it weird that I like M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls"? Because it sort of feels like I shouldn't‚ but I totally do. It's got a strangely hypnotizing Middle Eastern hook that plays while M.I.A. delivers a blatant message of female sexual empowerment to the world. It's a political statement. Unless the lyrics dealing with being banged against a dashboard are about a car accident‚ because women are terrible drivers. In which case‚ the music video is definitely a PSA for Saudi Arabia's ban on female drivers. I mean‚ M.I.A. turns the car on two wheels‚ perches on the edge of the passenger side window‚ and spends a few minutes filing her nails instead of paying attention to the road‚ because that makes her feel like a Bad Girl. Hands at 10 & 2‚ M.I.A.!
I shouldn't like this song‚ but I do‚ and that makes me feel like a Bad Girl.
M.I.A. Bad Girls