I was a bit stunned when my girlfriend accused me of loving "Dad Rock" while we were painting the living room and blaring moe.'s WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LA LAs. First Wilco, now moe.? It wore off rather quickly… shit, I'm painting the living room on a Saturday morning. Plus when you've been seeing a band for close to twenty years the "young and hip" days seem ancient in roll 'n' roll time. Yeah, we're still keeping it real though. It's called longevity, broseph.
"Downward Facing Dog" sounds comfortable sitting next to all the hits coming out of your local Classic Rock station. It's just as massive sounding as it is familiar - with big riffs, slide guitar, pounding drums, cowbell, slightly bleeding overdriven vocals, nothing is understated and it works. But it's the chorus' big, fist-pumping hook that really brings you home: "And in the end/I'm going down swinging/standing out in the pouring rain/All of our friends will be singing/while the band plays 'Long Black Veil' again." Classic. It will sound just as good twenty years from now.

moe. Downward Facing Dog
photo by Alexandra Valenti