Over the last month or so‚ the collective enthusiasts of State of Mind have been posting the "Best Songs of 2012." Of course‚ we all know that "best" really means favorite‚ but shit‚ we're trying to kept up with the Jones on the interwebs and show our authoritative power when it comes to music -- the greatest of all the arts.
Here's the summary of the songs‚ in no particular order‚ by day we posted it. Have fun perusing and listening. And let's be thankful that the world didn't end and we have more great music to fill the air in 2013.
* * *
December 11th
Alabama Shakes - "Hold On" by Adam King
Kaki King -- "Bowen Island" by Garret K Woodward
December 12th
Cloud Nothings - "No Future/No Past" by Adam King
Snarky Puppy -- "Binky" by Jim Murray
December 15th
moe. -- "Downward Facing Dog by Mike McKinley
December 16th
Tallest Man on Earth -- "To Just Grow Away" by Adam King
Cat Power -- "Ruin" by Mike McKinley
December 17th
The Walkmen -- "Heaven" by Adam King
Cloud Nothings -- "Wasted Days" by Ryan Lowell
Eastbound Jesus -- "Time Wasting" by Mike McKinley
December 18th
Bright Light Social Hour by Jim Murray
December 19th
Todd Snider - "In Between Jobs" by Lynn Kestenbaum
December 20th
Dr. Dog - "Do the Trick" by Adam King
Reverend Peyton's BDB -- "Devil's Look Like Angels by Garret K. Woodward
December 21st
The Shins -- "It's Only Life by Adam King
Divine Fits -- "Would That Be Nice" by Drew Stoga
December 23rd
Lettuce -- "Ziggowatt" by J Hunter
December 26th
Neil Young & Crazy Horse -- "Walking Like a Giant" by Jim Murray
December 27th
M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" by Lynn Kestenbaum
January 4th
Dinosaur Jr. - "Watch the Corners" by Adam King