That's perfectly acceptable.
Is it perfectly cromulent?
It's a perfectly cromulent idea.
And you can always turn it into a Broadway play.
You know‚ with a guy like Jeff in the band‚ I think‚ yeah‚ we could. He's really born for the stage -- I mean The Stage‚ the stage. He's musical theater acting all the way. Broadway. And I like Broadway stuff too‚ but in the same way -- we saw the South Park guys do it -- they started in one thing‚ and then they tackled all these other mediums‚ film‚ and Broadway -- that's kind of cool. And hopefully someday we may get an opportunity to do something like that. I don't know why we didn't make it work‚ but we were this close to doing a gig with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra‚ in Denver.
And it just sort of went by the wayside and it was really a bummer‚ because that would have been a step in the right direction. You know‚ arranging songs for an Orchestra isn't an easy task. People get paid a lot of money to do that. It's hard. But if you've got to imagine‚ if we're serious about doing something like that‚ then expanding our horizons would be a good idea. And maybe we'll get that thing to work with the Symphony‚ but I definitely have -- I'm not sure if I'm going to shoot for Broadway‚ but I'll start a little bit smaller than that and try and throw together some sort of stage-music-visual-experience when all is said and done.
Or an animated cartoon?
Yeah‚ I do love animation. That was one of the things I studied at film school in New York. The animation deal is a big‚ big‚ big influence for all of us in the band.
Then I'm tacking on another question. "Metalocalypse." Do you watch it? Do you love it?
How do you identify with the band? Do you identify with any particular characters or just as a band member?
[laughing] No‚ but I do think they've got the best manager in the business.
[laughs] He's so good!
Yeah‚ you know what I mean? They just don't-- I wish they… they don't. You know what? They've got the best manager in the business. And it's great. I often wonder‚ like‚ what do people who don't know about the music world think of this show? Do they get it? Because it's very insular. It's making inside jokes a lot. Or things that I laugh at and go‚ "Oh man‚ yeah‚ I get that." I don't know. It's such a good show. Such a good show. And I love how they do… it's perfect for my attention deficit‚ because they're fourteen -- you watch one and what is it‚ 11-minutes when you cut off the commercials?
Like‚ 12 minutes. Perfect.
It's totally manageable.
It's designed for everyone in mind.
But that being said‚ I haven't turned my TV on in four months‚ and that's to do with the baby. No time.
Maybe he'd like thrash metal.
We're also not letting him see screens. TV screens‚ computer screens. I just think it's -- I don't know that it's going to be a good thing‚ it might come out to be proven that watching things on screens makes you ten times smarter -- and then oops. Oh well.
You can get to that. He's got plenty of time to rot his brain.
I just think it's too fast moving‚ too bright. Let's start with books and blocks.