So how was it when you finally started playing at the Wetlands?
[laughs] It was a trip. You know‚ it really wasn't that nice of a place.
No [laughing].
No‚ but it was the best place‚ but it wasn't that nice. We did some really good shows. You know‚ we had a lot of stuff stolen out of our van at the Wetlands. You know‚ it was sketchy. And dirty. And because by the time Yonder was playing it‚ you know‚ all of that stuff I was talking about going to see‚ and then some‚ you know‚ there's a lot of historical pee on that ground. [laughter]
So‚ it was a trip to get to do that. I never thought we'd ever play the Wetlands‚ you know what I mean? I just never did. I thought like‚ yeah‚ it's a trip. And because the other thing was that the reason why I ever moved to Colorado was because I went to see Col. Bruce and Aquarium Rescue Unit. They had an opening act‚ that band was called Leftover Salmon. I'd never heard of them before‚ I'd barely even heard of Colorado‚ and they came out and they played their‚ you know‚ whatever they call it‚ poly-ethnic-cajun-slamgrass‚ and I went‚ "Holy crap!" and immediately bought their record‚ and they only had one at the time. And I'm like‚ "Okay‚ cool‚ where is this being made? Colorado? Cool. I'm going to Colorado." Because if you could make music with that kind of adventurous spirit‚ that original‚ you know what I mean‚ I'm like‚ "I gotta be there." And it seemed way more open and way more‚ the possibilities seemed greater than what I was certainly experiencing in the City.
Right. Less dead birds?
Yeah. Different dead birds‚ anyway. Now I like to go back. And New York City‚ I think too‚ is the type of place‚ for me it's like LA‚ where‚ when you know people‚ once you finally start to meet people who are connected and networked‚ the town becomes a hell of a lot cooler. You know what I mean?
Yeah‚ you can look forward to going back.
And when I was there‚ I was in school‚ in film school‚ and it was very‚ ehh -- pretentious and not like… it wasn't for me. I definitely do appreciate the fact though that I did my time there. I understood what the real world was like‚ and then decided I didn't want any part of it‚ and moved to the mountains.
[Laughing] Right.
But‚ I know a lot of people that stayed and it totally fits their vibe‚ their personality‚ and it makes sense for them. But for me‚ I prefer it my way.
Yes‚ it's very intrusive being there sometimes. It's an assault on the senses.
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