As I awoke on Sunday to reflect upon the entirety of the weekend‚ several aspects of Camp Bisco stood out to me. The first was that the EDM revolution is here to stay and will be a huge driver for the entire music industry for the foreseeable future. The days of full albums that one must pay for are nearing an end‚ while free music distributed widely on a digital platform as a driver to encourage attendance at live performances is becoming the blueprint for entry-level musical success‚ and this blueprint has been most readily accepted by the acts you'll find annually at Bisco. Look no further than the plethora of summer festivals this year driven either largely or entirely electronic acts. With Camp Bisco being ahead of the curve in terms of their approach to highlight this progressive type of music and incorporate it into what could have easily become a more traditional jam-band based approach‚ they truly set themselves up as a paragon of excellence for other electronic festivals to follow. The second realization was that even despite a lineup that for me personally was not quite up to snuff with what I had been privileged to see over the past 3 years or so at Camp Bisco‚ The Disco Biscuits themselves and their quality of play and overall interaction throughout the 3-4 days have the ability to fuel the energy for this festival single-handedly. Their level of play was truly as high as I have seen from them in at least a couple of years as they have taken their foot off of the gas as far as annual touring is concerned‚ and the pre-Bisco mini-tour seemed to have truly aided in ironing out some kinks overall. In addition to their play‚ tDB's DNA is simply all over this festival - they are constantly interacting and can be seen right there at as many performances as is humanly possible for them to catch. They are exceptional hosts who truly know that they have to put their all into this festival in order to reach the potential that it has. Camp Bisco has forever solidified itself in my mind as one of the greatest possible values in a music festival. The breadth‚ quantity‚ and quality of music for the price is unrivaled. If you're a fan of electronic music and have not yet had the Bisco experience‚ its probably time to get with it. Next up: City Bisco in Philadelphia in early October!