That's what the kids are into these days, huh?
The scene has exploded, you know? With the electro house, and the dub step, and the stuff has just taken off and it's so in line with what Camp Bisco is meant to be. It's great to have all these acts that people are so excited to see. When we started, it would be the Biscuits would play and a couple thousand people were there in the field. And then late night these electronic acts would play and it would dissipate a bit and there would be a hundred people left. That's how it started. We would sit there… I remember sitting there thinking, "Is this ever going to catch on?" You know, would the electronic music ever be the highlight of the festival? And now it is the highlight of the festival. The Biscuits play six sets and people just let loose to us or whoever's playing. There's so many great acts at Camp Bisco this year. I'm very weary to say the word Skrillex.
It's such a controversial word? [laughs]
It's so divisive. People probably don't want to hear this, but I say the word Skrillex sixty to seventy times a day. The guy is everywhere. You see and hear his music everywhere. It's great. We had twenty-five thousand people out last year and people have said, "Do you want ten thousand people that have never seen the Disco Biscuits at your festival?" And I say, yes. Yes, we do. That's exactly what I want. [laughs] When you're in a band, you are looking to be in places where there are lots and lots of people that have never heard you and might stumble upon you.
It's still your festival, in your name, even though it's evolved beyond…
It wouldn't make sense if it was indie rock, because say that was gigantic right now, and we were trying to get that on the festival, you know? Say hair metal becomes the biggest thing in the country, and every kid loves hair metal like every kid loves Skrillex, we're not going to go get it and put it on Camp Bisco for the money. That's my point. We're not doing it for the money, we're doing because the music makes sense for what the festival is supposed to be. We're not going to change. It's an electronic music festival. It just so happens that electronic music festivals are gigantic right now. I would be lying if I was to say I wasn't happy about that. We want to be huge. Obviously, that's the goal.