In my recent interview with Marco (listen to it here)‚ he told me about writing "This Is How It Goes" as an instrumental‚ and then penning some lyrics for it with his wife. After seeing Kalmia Traver perform at Liberate last summer‚ he asked her to record the vocal track. Here it is. In Marco's words‚ "I'm feeling it man‚ it could be a hit!"
"This Is How It Goes" is available as a limited edition 7-Inch on Record Store Day (April 21‚ 2012) at your favorite independent record stores. Visit Record Store Day...
This Is How It Goes | Marco Benevento (featuring Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket) by Royal Potato Family
Marco Benevento and Kalmia Traverphoto by Brent Harrewyn