In two weeks starting on Friday March 30th‚ the "Rock N Roll Resort v2: A Psybient Soiree" will be kicking off at the iconic Kutsher's Country Club in Monticello‚ New York. Presented by Wicked Cool Productions‚ attendees will get to experience 4 days and 3 themed nights of live music‚ DJ sets‚ collaborative art and various workshops. This "full resort takeover" aims to be a sonic‚ visual and intellectual voyage and immersion into the world of "psytrance" and "psychill."
Some confirmed artists for this years' event include: Shpongle Presents the Masquerade‚ Conspirator‚ Hallucinogen LIVE‚ Ott‚ visual artists Alex Grey & Allyson Grey‚ Nadis Warriors‚ Phutureprimitive‚ Brothers Past x2‚ Bird of Prey‚ Dopapod‚ BioDiesel‚ BangBang‚ Cosmic Dust Bunnies‚ Jeff Bujak and more! Surprise collaborations will be expected throughout the weekend.
Simon Posford will be premiering his latest production Shpongle Presents the Masquerade‚ providing an exciting new expansive visual and auditory journey and includes live on-stage painting by psychedelic neo-surrealist artists Alex and Allyson Grey.
The event will feature a film screening of the documentary‚ "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" along with Q&A's and "A Spirit Symposium" with the film's creator Mitch Schultz and noted author and researcher‚ Dr. Rick Strassman.
Tickets‚ hotel packages‚ the daily schedule and more details are available on the official website.