What is it about the music of Strangefolk that resonates so deeply with people?
To be honest, I don't really know. I think it's safe to say for most it represents a time in their life that they remember fondly. A time when life was less complicated and, for most, a time full of wonder, wanderlust and fun. I read an article recently on the physiology and psychology of what makes Adele's music so enticing to people. I don't really remember what the exact answer was, but the summary was that there were moments of tension and release, of mild dissonance and heroic resonance. I think Strangefolk's music had some of that. Broadly, when I think about musical or artist appeal, I think it comes down to the artist's ability to make a human connection. There is a spectrum of variables that are combined in different proportions to achieve that effect. Music ability, dynamics, song structure, melody, lyrical content, looks. On one end of the spectrum, you have Steely Dan who made their connection by executing against fantastic composition. On the other end, you have Bob Marley who connected mainly on a primal groove and raw emotion. I think Strangefolk fell closer to the Bob Marley equation than the Steely Dan one. Strangefolk and other bands of our ilk had a voice that spoke for a certain type of person. Rap expressed the plight of young urban males. I don't think our cause was quite as profound, but we were the mouth piece for the Patagonia wearing soul searchers of mountain culture. We were the lorax that spoke for the trees.
When you hit that stage at Higher Ground, look out onto that crowd, your old band mates, and approach that microphone for the first time, what will be running through your head?
Hopefully, not much. I think the most powerful moments as a performer is when you are not really thinking, but rather in the moment. At the risk of sounding hippy dippy there really are moments when you are in "the flow." Bill Kreutzmann [Grateful Dead] described it once in an interview as dancing. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end and your body feels electric. I think in many ways it's what serious athletes feel. To that end, in the ideal situation, it's what you feel and not what you think. If you are thinking, then something is askew. Having said all of that, I am sure we will be thinking "holy shit, this is fantastic." Bound to be a bucket of joy to be had either way.
What's your state of mind, the emotions running through your body with the reunion?
A pinch of anxiety, in that I want the shows to be good and want to deliver the goods, but mainly just excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm. We're going to have a blast.