I'm really digging Dr. Dog's Be the Void, and I think Adam King's review really gets to the heart of where the band's at: "All these songs are entities unto themselves; all breathing and pulsing and living in a corner of reality where voids and emotions and melodies walk the streets."
It's nice to live in the present with a band like Dr. Dog. When they put out a record, it's an event. It helps define a time period in your life.
So, over the weekend I went digging back through the print archives to find Adam's conversation with Scott McMicken from back in July 2008. It's interesting to go back and see where the band was at right as they were about to release Fate. Check it out here.
And here's the band killing it on Conan last week with "That Old Black Hole."

Dr. Dog by Richard Gastwirt

photo by Richard Gastwirt