...I don't know really know what that's all about‚ but [laughs] you can keep talking.
OK‚ you guys are so professional now. [laughs]
Yeah‚ the interviews now -- people used to just call me‚ but now they go through the publicist...
Anyway‚ I wanted to talk to you about how you guys consciously seem to separate your individual selves from the music. Is that a conscious decision to make sure that there's more of a complete focus put on the music itself? And do you think that that has helped shape the music and the band as an entity and a life force more of itself?
Yeah‚ absolutely I would say that that's the cause of it. At first‚ and to this day‚ I think it's still just a general playfulness. Despite the fact that the band and our roles within the band have become huge defining aspects of our lives‚ there's still that element of perception. It's still all that you make of it. It's still all what you see it‚ you know? And I try constantly to keep the band as something like that in my life‚ this little world where everything is within our control‚ and the rules of operation that might go on a daily basis don't really apply within this world. 'Cause it's like the one thing in life we have that we have absolute control over‚ you know? Whatever we say. We can make happen. There's nobody to answer to at all. Anything ought to be possible‚ and the best way to do that is‚ I think‚ to just keep in the abstract sense any notion of individuality out of the picture‚ like we're this five-headed beast‚ you know?
It's a hard thing to do‚ and you guys should be very proud of masterfully pulling it off.
Oh‚ thanks‚ man.
I'm serious. [laughs] It's a masterful fucking ability. Well‚ that's a lot of good shit. I don't wanna screw up your whole fancy world.
My fancy world involves me cleaning garbage cans right now. I'm cleaning really old garbage cans here in Fancy Town.
Cool‚ man‚ I can make you look good with all that. [laughter]
Now that's a miracle if you can make me look good. [laughs]
No‚ I can. I'll let you get back to garbage cleaning.
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