1. Wilco - "One Sunday Morning"
Wilco One Sunday Morning
The Whole Love's epic closer. One of the most beautiful‚ poignant songs Wilco has ever written.
* * *

2. The Barr Brothers - "Beggar in the Morning"
The Barr Brothers
Everything works on the opener of the eponymous debut from the Barr Brothers: the beautiful instrumentation‚ the lyrics‚ and the space they create and build off of -- yes‚ the vibe: "… we may capsize‚ but we won't drown/hold each other as the sun goes down."

* * *

3. Tristen - "Battle of the Gods"

I fell in love with Tristen's Charlatans At the Garden Gate -- each track is an enjoyable ride. "Battle of the Gods" has it all: it sounds minimalist‚ yet orchestral; her delivery is spot on‚ both fragile and big. The ending is immense. So classic… like Phil Spector got his hands on it.

* * *

4. Nathan Moore - "In the Basement"
Nathan Moore In the Basement
There are two or three different lines in this song that give me chills every time I hear them. A gem from Nathan's Dear Puppeteer…but I went easy on you this year. If you really want a good kick in the nuts from this record try "Hollow."
* * *

5. Akron/Family - "A AAA O A WAY" -> "So It Goes"

A little bit of sonic mindfucking‚ some great sounding guitar (and bass and drums for that matter)‚ a nod to Vonnegut‚ and the human circle of being compassionate, then coming to grips with being naïve, and then becoming compassionate again‚ and/or so it goes. You know‚ Akron/Family‚ as beautiful as ever.

* * *