It's arguable that very influence is becoming more deeply embedded in our culture all the time in a way it might not have had the Grateful Dead continued to exist; in a way‚ their idealist values remain untouched by the harshness of practical reality. And it's almost as if that inspiration has a life of its own: consider again how the attendees of Unbroken Chain reflected the demographics of a concert audience: those anxious for entry though without a registered admission‚ the authentic counterculturists and the pretenders/wannabes alongside those you might never guess had attended so many Dead shows (and who ended up as speakers at another point in the proceedings).
The prevalent majority‚ apart from superficial appearances though‚ carried a healthy sense of both give-and-take within the Dead community and culture at large. The dynamic borne of mutual understanding and a willingness to take chances and assume responsibility is at the heart of this band's best performances. Hopefully this first Unbroken Chain‚ administered (with more efficiency than not) and attended (with more engagement than not)‚ will happen again‚ because it would surely enliven an ongoing process of enlightenment the likes of which would appear to clarify and strengthen itself each time its resources are tapped.