Check out the single "State/Meant" from Megafaun's upcoming self-titled record (out September 20th on Hometapes Records).
Brad Cook‚ the band's guitarist/bassist, states‚ "This song was a passing thought that erupted into such a complete piece of music in an afternoon. This was the one song where we essentially added nothing after the first day of recording."
Perhaps that's why you can hear Neil Young on this song‚ one of the great champions of capturing magic spontaneously in the studio. It's a great track and they sound super dialed-in, but what comes off the most is the vibe they got -- if they went back the next day to work on this song again, they probably couldn't recreate it sonically. You could also cite Neil because you can hear some loose borrowing of the vocal phrasing on "Cortez the Killer." Listen -- it's completely forgivable though, right?
The band kicks off their North American tour on September 22nd -- check the dates and go see them live.
Megafaun "State/Meant" by Hometapes