I spent a good portion of my youth listening to Madonna records. Like a Virgin was my very first album purchase. And when I wasn't just listening‚ I was lip-synching to Madonna songs. I dressed up in miniskirts‚ jelly bracelets‚ red lipstick and a painted-on mole‚ complete with Aqua Net. My big brother Jim took my best friend and me to the theater to see Who's That Girl. I loved it. Loved it! I remember being enthralled watching Truth or Dare on HBO. I even did a terrible rendition of "Vogue" at Darien Lake at one of those You Can Sing booths. They lied: I can't. And just a few weeks ago I pulled up True Blue on Rhapsody and belted it out (even though I still can't sing). I didn't have on the jellies and the hair spray... but it was still so good.
Madonna was inspiration to this little '80s girl. I will always, always, always love Madonna. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night. Check out her acceptance speech: