What early jambands were you into?
I'm trying to think if I've ever seen God Street Wine play. I saw Ekoostik Hookah play at Lawrence‚ because I was right there in school at University of Cincinnati. So I snuck in and saw Ekoostik Hookah play. And like I said‚ Phish. Fucking… I've been seeing them for 20 years now‚ so I got plenty of those shows in. I missed 2.0 because I was doing Yonder‚ but 3 and 1‚ I'm getting‚ I got a fair amount‚ and we're rolling right now.
You're doing a ton of shows. Which shows on the previous run did you just do?
DTE (Clarkston‚ MI)‚ north of Detroit. Blossom (Cuyahoga Falls‚ OH) and Cincy. And then Camden (NJ)‚ the two Merriweathers (MD). I'm gonna get in the two Gorge shows (WA)‚ UIC (Chicago‚ IL)‚ two Tahoe (NV)‚ and three at Dick's Park (CO).
Wow. That's like a part-time job.
Yeah. And UIC just came about. I just realized I'm going to be in Chicago‚ so I'm going to sneak and see that one and if I find another show or two where I can jump on a plane for a small amount of cash and sneak it in. I'm looking to add to my totals‚ not subtract. But I'm really excited. The Gorge shows will be great. I've only played concerts there‚ I've never seen one. And Tahoe should be really fun‚ just getting to see them in such a cool small little place along that little strip in South Lake.
Nice. I was at Camden. The first set was melting my face.
Camden. [POST INTERVIEW NOTE: I stand by the face melting. 1st set Camden was fucking awesome.]
That's funny‚ that show was my least favorite.
I went to the two Holmdel shows and thought Camden blew the Holmdel shows away.
Ahh‚ I wasn't at those. I was at Camden and the two nights at Merriweather which were just…
I heard those were really good.
Yeah‚ don't miss a Merriweather show is basically what I hit upon. The next day‚ the Monday‚ we were all sitting at this killer little sushi place‚ and we were all sitting there -- the best pre-run and post-run meal is a huge boat of sushi. Your body just drinks it up. A couple beers‚ some sake‚ and a bunch of raw fish. Pretty incredible. We were sitting there talking and we're like‚ "I will never‚ ever‚ ever miss a Merriweather show."
I'm totally psyched to see you guys at Penn's Peak in a couple of weeks. I've heard a lot about it.
Oh‚ I love Penn's Peak! Fuck yeah! Thank you so much for a great interview‚ I'm sorry I kept you holding for 10 minutes but I hope I was worth it.