If Sonny and Cher had really been as hip as they pretended to be‚ they might have come across as the eerie mystics that are Arthur & Yu. Arthur (Greg Olsen) and Yu (Sonya Westcott) are unabashedly embracing the mid-'60s folk vibe‚ with Olsen sounding like Lou Reed on less heroin and Westcott sounding like Nancy Sinatra on more grass. Separately‚ the contrast in their voices only strengthens the other‚ but together their harmonies are downright bewitching. Über-reverb on the vocals is key to filling out sparse instrumentation on tracks like "Flashing the Lobby Lights" and creates an atmosphere perfect for parking your mom's car in a field to have sex with your girlfriend. Definitely mellow but never dragging‚ "Lion's Mouth" states their motto: "Calm down and leave some things unsaid because a restless heart is gonna burst before it's dead." Somewhere there's an opium den on a berry farm with a black-and-white TV playing Natural Born Killers‚ and In Camera is the only album everyone can agree on.