First‚ the bad news: The Uglysuit have called it quits. That's always a bummer when a great young band discontinues. It leaves the "what if" lingering about how they would grow and how their sound would evolve.
Now, the good news: They will be releasing Awwww, Schucks, their final album, on June 14th (Stream the entire record below!). Find out more information here and see the press release below. The record sounds great -- if you have to go out, might as well go out on a high note.
The UglysuitPress Release
Oklahoma City‚ OK - (May 23‚ 2011) -
Awwww Schucks says it all. After four years on the road‚ a record deal with Touch & Go/Quarterstick Records‚ and lots of hair-banging; Oklahoma's indie six-piece‚ The Uglysuit‚ call it quits.
While the band has ended all live performances‚ the psychedelic rockers will give a final sign off to their nationwide fan base on June 14th with the release of Awwww‚ Schucks via Everybody Loves Everybody Records.
After several late nights of mixing and mastering sessions‚ the disc was recorded pre-breakup in the band members' home studios.
"We didn't know if‚ when we broke up‚ these songs would ever get released‚" said Colin Bray‚ guitarist for the band. "I'm really glad they will. I think they're some of the best songs we've ever written."
Awwww Shucks follows The Uglysuit's alternately blissed-out and vibrantly psychedelic debut album that was named one of 2008's most promising records by The All Music Guide. The album was continuously praised by reviewers and fans for its wave upon wave of chiming Rickenbacker's‚ layered vocal harmonies‚ insatiable hooks‚ thoughtful arrangements with varying dynamics‚ and flawless production.
"This impactful full-length release is the final farewell for The Uglysuit"‚ added Bray. "We felt it was important for the world to hear and enjoy what we believe is our greatest accomplishment as a band."
Since their formation in 2006‚ The Uglysuit has been known for the genre-bending compositions that range from breezy indie pop‚ psychedelic folk‚ shoegaze‚ and rock.
"It's awesome to see all of our thoughts and creativity come to life. Its amazing how six people can come together and make such fun‚ intricate‚ and spiritual tones‚ to become one‚ " says Dustin Maynord‚ The Uglysuit's Bassist and resident producer.
Having often been compared to Fleet Foxes‚ Broken Social Scene‚ Built To Spill‚ the Beach Boys‚ and My Morning Jacket‚ The Uglysuit was poised to become one of the next breakout artists after glowing reviews at Canadian Music Week‚ CMJ and SXSW in 2010. In 2008‚ The Los Angeles Times anointed them as one of the "Top 10 acts at SXSW 2009" and Rolling Stone Magazine put them in their "Top 10 acts at CMJ 2008."
Like Van Gogh and so many other artists whose recognition came after the fact‚ The Uglysuit will likely fall under this category. They squeezed out their last ounce of creative brilliance‚ but only to collectively realize that this was all that they had left in them as The Uglysuit. But‚ they want the world to hear and enjoy their last and greatest accomplishment. Awwww‚ Schucks will be available at all fine digital retailers on June 14th.