PhishPhish started their Summer Tour with a 3-night run at Bethel Woods in Bethel, NY this past weekend. The Phish Team posted these high quality videos of "Waves" from night one and "Backwards Down the Number Line" from night two. I'm sure something from night three will surface soon. (Update - "46 Days" from night three now posted)
It sounds like they're off to a great start. The "Waves" intro and outro especially -- the band is playing with the experimentation and patience I think a lot of fans have been longing for (or longing for more of) since they've returned in 2009 (Phish 3.0). In other words, to dig a little deeper with the group improvisation.
Likewise, "BDTNL" shows the band stretching out and moving together in that one-of-a-kind Phish way. Happy Summer.

"Backwards Down the Number Line"

"46 Days"