We covered the origins of Nathan Moore, Chad Galactic and Liz Bunny's Hippy Fiasco last summer when they put together a spontaneous tour in California. In short, Nathan flew out to California to play a festival that ended up going belly up and he didn't get paid. Instead of flying back home and eating the cost of the flight, he cancelled his return flight, teamed up with Chad and Liz, got a hotel room and booked an impromptu tour mostly at people's houses and mostly promoted through Facebook. They set out for a larger tour this time -- a jaunt around the country, four months long, ending on Independence Day at High Sierra Music Festival. And it's evolved into a larger concept: Nathan plays just about anywhere someone hosts a "Fiasco" and they're streaming it 24/7. Yes, the camera is on. It's always on!
I got my first experience when some nice folks in Richmond, Vermont hosted a Fiasco last Friday night. Nathan is attempting to create something that's more involved than the typical folk-y singer/songwriter show. He asked everyone in the audience to become part of the "Moorechestra" -- handing out shakers, hand puppets, a toy xylophone and kazoos, and asking for sing alongs. As you can imagine, it creates a mixed result. But when it works, it's big. At the bottom of the page there's a recording of the post-show stream where Nathan and I discuss this approach of taking it over the top, the train wrecks, and the beauty of it working. In the spirit of creating in the moment and creating something unique with your audience each night, we also discuss how Nathan will be attending his first Phish show on May 31st in Holmdel, NJ. I told him when it feels right, just close your eyes and wiggle. He'll do fine -- it's already in his blood. Check it out below.
But first, here are a few videos (sorry, a bit dark) I shot from the Vermont Fiasco -- Nathan serenading a lamb.

And here's Nathan playing a request of "Trying to Catch Me a Jesus" to a "Creeper" (a person watching/chatting on the live stream) post-show.

Here's the post-Fiasco stream -- notice an appearance by SoM Contributor and I Shit Music creator Adam King singing about inverted kazoos and discussing Mormon caves.