I recently revisited Dan Deacon's last record‚ Bromst, after shelving it for some time -- it's still great. The first thing that popped in my mind was that Deacon is just about due for something new -- it sounds like he's working on a record with his Ensemble. After the release of Bromst‚ he toured with the Ensemble (most of the time he performs solo‚ creating quite the freak out with the audience). When they came to Burlington in 2009‚ Deacon was on the cover of the current issue of State of Mind and somebody traveling with the group grabbed a stack of magazines‚ cut out a photo of his face‚ and made Dan Deacon masks for everyone in the band. He proclaimed something along the lines of, "We have State of Mind to thank for making it real scary up here." (You can read the interview here by the way, it's awesome...)

I came across this video for "Surprise Stefani" off of Bromst on Vimeo, produced by Newfoundland Tack -- it was chosen as one of the Staff Picks last week. Great stuff.