Sam Cohen of YellowbirdsHere's the next stop motion animation video from Sam Cohen of Yellowbirds. This time he collaborated with artist Michael Arthur‚ taking 10 years worth of drawings and stretches and turning it into this video for his song "The Reason."
Here's what Sam had to say about stop motion animation in our interview:
"One thing that I love about doing the collage stuff is that it allows me to combine different time periods and different styles, which is what inevitably happens with the music. The background, the cut-outs and everything, that would be like the raw influences. And how they're put together would be an analogy for what my music does with those influences.
And making collages... it's like my friends who DJ and make completely new shit out of already existing albums. Collage is sort of the same way -- here's a photo that someone else took, it's done, it's beautiful. That's why mine looks good [laughter]. I'm just doing something different with it -- it's just one ingredient."

Check out "The Rest of My Life" video: