Thanks to Adam King (SoM Contributor and Creator of I Shit Music) for telling me about this hilarious video of Ariel Pink at Coachella. I can't imagine being there and giving a shit: I'd probably tolerate it for 30 seconds‚ laugh‚ and then walk to another stage to see one of the other thousand bands playing. Or it could be like watching a train wreck right before your eyes‚ where you just can't stop watching. I love that shit‚ but usually in the context of a band improvising and getting lost… and knowing they've lost control. The interesting take on this is the kid in the video who says that "he got fucked on" but then also says he'll never forget this performance. So‚ is this a meltdown or a calculated performance antic? Or is it both? Shit‚ I'm talking about it…

But while I watched this video all I heard in my head was George Carlin's comedic take on Anorexia: "Rich Cunt Don't Want to Eat? Fuck her." Hipster don't want to sing? Fuck him.
If you're going to have a meltdown‚ go deep and go dark. Let that ego fly like a motherfucker. Take Keith Jarrett‚ for example. He's already proven his music is worth listening to -- people will consistently pay good money to see him play‚ and he'll come right out and tell you it's your privilege to hear him. He's always pushing the envelope with his douchebaggery:

Also‚ he's been known to stop performances because someone was coughing in the audience -- read about it here.
Here's another example: go Trey at Coventry. Before the last song of your band's career‚ do a bump of oxy and drool on yourself during the jam in front of 60‚000 fans -- now, that's a meltdown! (I think Ariel Pink's music is mixed in with this video too)