Because Quiet Parade is a truly remarkable and brilliant debut.
Because there is not a weak track among the eleven on the album.
Because the album is a great mix of short postmodern rockers and a few complex extended instrumentals.
Because it's a bit Pink Floyd "Echoes" and a bit Beatles "Sun King."
Because it's a dash Elliott Smith and hint of Radiohead.
Because they understand those influences‚ yet create their own unique sound.
Because it's genuine‚ smart songwriting.
Because she's been a naughty girl‚ apparently.
Because David Baldwin's solid guitar work flows seamlessly from bold bluesy attacks to gentle‚ dreamlike soundscapes.
Because The Dig have a maturity of sound that belies their age and experience.
Because the warm‚ hushed harmonies throughout the album are extremely addictive and quite beautiful.
Because the melodies are going to grab hold and not let go.
Because the production value is phenomenal‚ with the electric and acoustic textures masterfully mixed together.
Because the lyrics are reflective and insightful.
Because Wes Anderson could easily tap any of these tracks for his next movie soundtrack.
Because you need some great new music.
Because you'll be damn glad you did.
That's why.