I gave Tristen's latest, Charlatans At the Garden Gate (out February 1st on American Myth Recordings), a spin over the weekend and had an instant connection with it. Talk about love at first listen. I've listened to it about ten times since and there's not a bad track on the record -- great arrangements, big choruses, unforgettable hooks, and at the center is Tristen's singing. Her delivery is right on with interesting twists and turns. She sounds warm, but with a hint of darkness lurking -- an equal dose of sugar and smoke. It's rare to have so many musical adventures wrapped around 3-minute pop tunes. I'm looking forward to seeing what else this record will reveal.
I love it when shit like this happens; when a great record just falls on your lap.
Tristen - "Eager For Your Love"
Here's the video for "Matchstick Murder."

Matchstick Murder from Tristen on Vimeo.

photo by Leslie Lyons