MM: Yeah. That's the thing that still drives me crazy. I got inspired to do it‚ felt it out to see if it was actually possible. It was just so easy. I was thinking‚ God‚ this guy is like a legend. (laughter) I don't know.
DM: He's still got to put bread on the table.
MM: Yeah.
DM: I suppose we are all like glory hounds in this business. No matter how successful you are‚ you still have a certain ego thing that needs to be satiated by talking about yourself. (laughter) All musicians are happy to just blabber on and on and on about themselves‚ and I find for the most part that is true. They are happy if somebody wants to talk about them. It could be Rolling Stone or it could be the weekly paper in Greenville‚ New York. Most people‚ I would think‚ are happy to talk.
MM: Definitely.
DM: I suppose they wouldn't be talking if they didn't want to‚ right?
MM: Yeah.
DM: You guys had any refusals?
MM: Oh‚ yeah. But usually it's not the actual people; it's their publicist making decisions for them. Yeah‚ we've gotten a few of those.
DM: Probably not too many‚ but a few.
MM: That's the thing I was thinking about because someone like Ron Carter‚ a musician like that was so easy. I probably couldn't get an interview with My Morning Jacket. It would probably take months. I'm thinking‚ "fuck‚ I'm going to get to talk to Ron Carter‚ and it took three days to set up."
DM: Yeah‚ that's cool.
MM: It's criminal‚ too.
DM: Keith Richards‚ can you try and get an interview‚ too? (laughter)
MM: Keith Richards? Nah.
DM: Nah‚ that's just too hard.
MM: Yeah. It's just too awkward‚ too. I don't know what that guy is ever saying.
DM: "You're in a band right? Called the Rolling Stones? That's cool. I love you guys."
MM: (laughter) "You guys remind me of‚ like‚ The Ominous Seapods‚ but you're huge."
DM: "It's like‚ if the Seapods were like you guys‚ they would have been playing stadiums. You guys are kind of the same. I mean‚ they tried to drink like you. Maybe that was their problem."
MM: (laughter) Right.
DM: I think if I had a five-string guitar with the Seapods‚ I could have done better‚ but it was that low-E string that kept getting in the way.
MM: (laughter) Yeah?