MM: Well‚ it was tough at first‚ but it's smooth sailing now. I've probably gained 15 to 20 pounds. I'm like‚ "look at me now. Jesus‚ I should start smoking again." (laughter) So now it's like one of those things. Before‚ I was going to die from cancer‚ and now I'm going to die of a heart attack. (laughter)
DM: Yeah. I guess you're going to die one way or the other‚ right? It's going to happen sooner or later. Heart attack‚ cancer‚ bus‚ who knows? Who fucking knows?
MM: (laughter) Yep.
DM: You just hope that it's easy.
MM: Yeah‚ there you go. (laughter)
DM: I've been reading this fucked-up book about the war in Iraq called What We Were Asked To Do. It's by soldiers. It's basically like 25 soldiers telling part of their experience. We've got it so easy compared to those guys.
MM: Oh yeah‚ man.
DM: It's fucked up‚ but anyway…
MM: Yeah‚ it's just one of those things that…
DM: It makes me feel like I've got to do something. (laughs) I actually looked at the recruitment Web site. I was like‚ "fuck‚ maybe I should join the army or something before I get drafted." You can join up to 42 now.
MM: Really?
DM: Yeah. They'll take you up to 42‚ so if the magazine writing world doesn't pan out for you and your day job shits the bed‚ you can always join the army.
MM: Right. That's good.
DM: There you go. I guess I'd join if they were going to start drafting. Well‚ I'd probably go to Australia at that point.
MM: (laughter) Yeah.
DM: I'm looking anyway. I'm always looking at things I'm not good at‚ like the army. That's a good idea; I can be an air traffic controller. (laughter) I can be an army ranger because‚ you know‚ I'm an athletic kind of guy.
MM: (laughter) Right.
DM: My gung-ho spirit‚ my desire to kill. Are you recording this for your…
MM: (laughter) Yeah‚ I hit record a while ago.
DM: That's cool. You'll publish this article and it will have absolutely nothing to do with music.
MM: Like‚ what do you do again? (laughter)
DM: What's this guy fucking talking about? He hasn't changed one bit since the Seapods. That dude has got a smile on his face; it's the only difference. And he knows how to play guitar. He's talking about fucking onion rings and his heart and his fingers.
MM: (laughter) Hey you just can't‚ you know…