DM: That is true. That's funny that you mention Miles Davis because I probably wouldn't be listening to Bitches Brew if I hadn't been listening to the Dead.
MM: Then once you get into Miles Davis‚ there is a whole other world of different musicians to kind of explore.
DM: I wonder how I could trace it. It was probably the day John Lennon got shot because I just listened to the Beatles all day long. Then I don't know where I went to after that. Then I listened to country music after that because it was like the Urban Cowboy time. (laughter) So‚ there was tons of country‚ and some of it was still pretty good. Then I think somebody turned me onto the Who. I don't know where I heard it. I don't know where I made the leap from country to rock. I guess it was Zeppelin. That would be the bridge from being a kid to knowing what was cool. From my parents' Easy Listening 101 Strings and John Denver records to Zeppelin.
MM: (laughter) Right.
DM: It was like‚ "Oh yeah‚ this is where it's at." And that led to everything else. I've got to draw like a family tree with it all branched out. Who knows what else was in there. You like pretty much everything‚ don't you?
MM: Yeah. I mean‚ there is stuff that hits you and stuff that doesn't. This past year there was thing called Honky Tonk Tuesday.
DM: Oh yeah? Where's that at?
MM: It's at Radio Bean It's cool because it's just stuff that I kind of listen to‚ kind of seen the influence of it. Like Hank Williams‚ Buck Owens that kind of stuff. Then I'd go down there every Tuesday while all of these different musicians would play down there.
DM: They're playing it.
MM: Yeah. This one guy‚ Brett Hughes‚ pretty much… That's funny when I interviewed him‚ we talked about you‚ too. When I interviewed him‚ we were talking about Michael Hurley and he said that he used to have a radio show and he would play Michael Hurley on it.
DM: Oh‚ sweet.
MM: And Michael Hurley found out and would send him drawings‚ like thank you drawings. (laughter)
DM: That is fantabulous. Does he still have 'em?
MM: I don't know. I'll have to ask him.
DM: Yeah‚ that's very cool. I have to get up there and play the Radio Bean again. I think the Radio Bean serves the needs for the guy‚ the guy or girl that isn't pigeonhole-able.
MM: Oh‚ yeah‚ definitely. That's one of my favorite rooms up here because they are open to whatever. You need a place to play? That's where it's going to happen. I feel bad because I take a lot of it for granted. There is always something going on there.
DM: They definitely book the shit out of it. That's probably part of the reason I haven't heard back. He's probably got 50 regional and local people that want to play there that are guaranteed to draw. Although I never did too poorly there.
[tape cuts]
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