Just listen to the placement of the bass notes. All the parts are simple‚ but they're used in the most interesting ways possible. That's what I love about Spoon. My favorite off of Transference. (Visit Spoon)

7. Plants and Animals - "The Mama Papa"
It's arguable that Plants and Animals' forte is writing long‚ rock epics that slowly build and tell the story. But this 4-minute rocker off of La La Land shows how awesome they can be when they're being immediate. (Visit Plants and Animals)

8. Vijay Iyer - "Epistrophy"

Sure‚ it's a classic Monk composition‚ but this track off of Solo is totally Vijay. He comes up with his own unique resolutions to Monk's puzzles‚ and adds plenty of riveting twists and turns‚ building one great idea on top of another. Since I almost fell out of my chair listening to this for the first time‚ it will always hold a special place in my heart. (Visit Vijay Iyer)

9. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - "Hamby's Window"

Classic Fred: there's an eerie intensity that keeps you on the edge of your seat‚ it swings like a motherfucker‚ and then the onslaught. And then the onslaught's onslaught. (Visit JFJO)

10. Rubblebucket - "Came Out of a Lady"

They're pumping out both catchy and sonically interesting tunes. Expect a bunch more in 2011 - they're hot. (Visit Rubblebucket)