Matt Bushlow started a blog with the perfect title for its purpose: Tasty Leftovers. This is a home for the great interview nuggets that didn't get used in his published articles. His recent interview with trumpeter and composer Arthur Brooks that was published in the Vermont alt-weekly 7 Days had a lot of leftovers - check it out.

Here's Brooks' take on playing with the great free jazz thinking/player Cecil Taylor:
"I was kind of intimidated with playing with Cecil's Unit, because the music is so high, so technically demanding in a certain kind of way, at least the rehearsals were, but when we got on the gig, it was [makes a "takeoff" sound and motion with his hand] pew! Cecil's sets last for an hour, two hours, and I said, 'I don't know if I have the chops for this.' And it would be this whole universe of sound open up, and you'd be there watching yourself play and the horn is playing itself, and Cecil's just in front of you, behind you, on your side, above you [makes more sound effects, like Cecil is zipping around him while he's playing], just urging you on…. And we'd finish and you'd think, wow, you've been playing maybe 10, 15 minutes - maybe 30 - [but it was] two hours. And you finish and you can't say anything because you're so high. It's amazing. And every single time I've played with Cecil, it's been that way. … And that's what I aim for. That's what I want, is to reach that state where the music is just revealing itself. To me, at its best, that's what you do: You become the instrument. You put yourself in position where you become the instrument."