Saw this on Dangerous Minds today (thanks to Matt Bushlow for posting on Facebook). After listening to each part‚ I'm amazed and perplexed at how sloppy and brilliant this is‚ and even more so‚ how each component beautifully plays into the haunting and hopeful element embodied in this song. Here's a few observations:
Merry Clayton's voice reaches as far as it can several times (even breaking) with the line "Rape‚ murder‚ it's just a shot away" -- as raw and powerful as it gets.
Keith's two guitar tracks -- the way he punches in the rhythm‚ solo and harmonica on each track (over each other) is incredibly unique and inventive.
And my favorite part: Bill Wyman's bass. It's simple rock 'n' roll bass playing‚ but he throws in tasty passing tones every once in a while that give it a brief feel like he's playing a funk tune. You realize that's why the tune swings so much‚ while still rocking and never losing its dark urgency.
Guitar 1
Guitar 2 and Piano