Ken Nordine, who I was talking about before, was all about making your own words, too. And ever since then, I was like, "Right!" I've always been a believer in making up your own words, but like, really making up your own word and, like, using it. A lot. (laughter) I think that's cool, like Tom Peckable (Tom Peck, who makes better than impeccable pedal boards) was cool.
Inventing your own language is a nice way to go. Actually, that was sort of what was happening when Joe and I were recording Play Pause Stop. We were in L.A. and Matt [Chamberlain] was helping us. He was producing it, and Tom Biller was engineering it. They're just great people. By the end of the day, I wish we had recorded the end of our day conversations. This was working from noon until two in the morning everyday. Fourteen-hour days, just fucking around with sounds and whatnot, and then at the end of the day we would just be so in our own world, that we would just be talking in a whole other language, but we understood each other. [laughter]
Musicians and creative people are fortunate enough to have that outlet as their job. I'm totally psyched that I just get to be creative and actually support a family. It's just amazing. I'm totally thankful that I can do that. Anybody that's an artist, a poet, a musician, they're rollin' with it, no matter what age, no matter what caliber. I'm rollin' with Matt, rollin' with Trey, rollin' with Phil, rollin' with people who are really easily able to support a family with the job that they have-those guys are pros. They're really good at what they do, and they have it dialed in, and they're creative freaks. And that's why people pay money to get tickets for their shows. It's great to feel relaxed amongst those pros now. I feel a lot more chill and accepting of what I do, just realizing that, yeah, you're just a creative person, and you're making music, and so is that dude. And he's fifty, but so what? I've done tours with Bobby Previte and Charlie Hunter, too, and they're older than I am; they've seen a lot more. So you could think maybe there'd be a little intimidation factor or something, like, "Oh, you better play well, young lad," you know? But it's like, no, as long as I just stay true to my heart, it's gonna sound as good as I can be, you know?